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CHiPs Season 4 Episode 18

Lyle Pickett a Vietnam Verteran threats Pete, Barry’s Dad, who has a flying school. When Pete get hurt with his back, Barry has to help his mum. But he’s also an officer and has to do his work, too. On duty he sleeps and has nearly a crash with Turner, so he decides to quit the Highway Patrol and to take over his fathers firm. Lyle threats all who use a remedy against insects on their fields. Ponch finds on a destroyed field a campsite receipt. When he follows up, he meets up with Shawna, Lyle’s campsite neighbour. Shawna tells what she is knowing, so Jon and Ponch visit the V.A. Hospital. The V.A. doctor says that Lyle is menatlly disturbed since he left Vietnam. Barry is not happy doing his new job. When Jon and Ponch visits him, Lyle shows up bearing Molotov Cocktails out of his truck. Jon and Ponch start to follow him by motorbike, Pete with his own truck and Bear by biplane. Jon and Ponch can catch him when Bear drains off the insect destroyer out of his plane. Barry d

Episode Title: The Hawk and the Hunter

Air Date: 1981-04-05